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Nice job this – we’ve known the owner of this GSX-R for years and always looked after his bikes. About every 3/4 years he changes his wheels and this time around landed up here with a tidy Suzuki and the words “I’m 53 Mark – the same age as you – and I’m going to have one last fling…!”

So we upgraded his brake lines, fitted a K&N filter and remapped his ECU with two distinct A and B modes; if he wants to knock the edge off on a damp day then B mode is a softer option through increased control of the secondary butterflies and fuelling to match.

Although the bike’s secondhand it hasn’t seen a lot of use and Nick will soon loosen her up a bit – have fun mate!

Nick's GSX-R1000 – ready to rock!

Nick’s GSX-R1000 – ready to rock!