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Suzuki GSX-R1000K8 full ECU remap

By 9th October 2013ECU Remap, Suzuki

We’re ECU remapping more and more Suzukis now. We tend to steer customers that way (instead of a Power Commander) because we can do so much more with an ECU remap.

We can plug directly into the ECU so there are no external wires left visible. Once we’ve downloaded the original map we can switch off any speed limiters, and deal with any ignition restrictions in first, second and third gear. We can also amalgamate the cylinder maps, which takes away a lot of the ‘hunting’ you get stock making a smoother motor.

Adjusting the ignition table and secondary butterflies is also possible, and fuelling obviously. We can also offset the balance between the top and bottom injectors, which for a race bike is ideal.

And when it comes to cost a straightforward ECU remap, with all restrictions off and fuelling sorted comes in at £250 plus VAT. For another £100 you can have the full singing and dancing options – wet maps, whatever you like!

This GSX-R was fitted with SP cans and a K&N filter, so we remapped the ECU to suit the engine and setup – lovely job.

ECU remapping Suzukis is the way to go – there's so much more that can be done...

ECU remapping Suzukis is the way to go – there’s so much more that can be done…