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Supercharged Suzuki GSX-R1000 sort out!

By 11th November 2011Rare Groove, Road Bikes, Suzuki

We built the engine on this bike originally, way back when before its then owner fitted the supercharger. We hadn’t seen it for a long while, and the last time we did it went on the Dyno (200-odd bhp if you’re interested, with a very linear power curve…) and was sent it away with a list of jobs to do, one of which was to adjust/make better the bracket that holds the supercharger on, and also puts tension into the belt.

Anyway, the bike was sold in the meantime to the chap who owns it now, and on his way back from Silverstone recently the belt broke, so he bought it round to us. We took the supercharger off and adjusted the bracket as best we could – we also spoke to the original manufacturer of the kit to see if they’d updated it at all, but got nowhere.

As it stands it’s as good as we can get it in its current form – the present owner has agreed that if it doesn’t work (and if the belt does go it doesn’t stop the engine working) then he’ll bring it in and we’ll get our engineering department to make a new bracket that will incorporate a jockey wheel, providing a level of fine adjustment that it doesn’t have right now. In other words, we can put the supercharger where we want it (not where it adjusts to, because we can’t move the engine) and move the jockey wheel to get the correct tension.

Belt tension is a problem for this supercharged GSX-R – it may need further work...