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XJR1300Here at BSD, no two days are ever the same, we see all makes of bikes old and new. However we have noticed over the last couple of years, owners are tending to keep their beloved bikes longer, gone are the days when you would change your bike before the first M.O.T was due!

Pictured are a couple of examples, the Yamaha XJR1300 2003 (carb version) and the Suzuki GSX1300R 2004, that have been to us on a regular basis for servicing and set up. The XJR1300 is only showing 1849 miles and the GSX1300R has done 32,909 miles, so one end of the scale to the other. On it’s latest visit the XJR1300 needed carb repair kits, carb inlet rubbers and along with an oil and filter change, the customer asked if we could change some of the bolts that had tarnished over time for stainless steel ones, although low mileage today’s fuel and weather have taken their toll.

Now the GSX1300R again had a service but  the only extra job required was a brake service, fitting new caliper seals/pads because it has been well ridden and the seals had started to deteriorate.

Both bikes have been looked after by their owners and considering they are 12&13 years old, have plenty more life left in them!