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BiKE Magazine Suzuki SV650 interim service

By 11th June 2012Suzuki

Owned by one of the journo’s on BiKE Magazine, this Suzuki SV650 (used for trackdays this year) had been stood over winter and needed a little tidy up. He’d had the forks done at Maxton, and had a Maxton shock onboard, but had a standard rear linkage which had not been serviced for a long time. We stripped it out, greased it up and put it back together again.

We then did the usual interim service-type stuff; oil and filter change, new brake fluid plus levers greased, and ran it up on the Dyno to make sure all was well. Which it was! Have fun, Martin…

Sweet little trackday tool, is an SV650, and v. rapid in the right hands.