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2009 Suzuki Hayabusa full ECU remap – an owner emails

By 12th June 2013ECU Remap, Owner's Words, Suzuki

We’ll do a full list of all the Suzukis we can ECU remap soon, plus what’s possible, but in the meantime Chris Peck took the time to drop us an email after we remapped his ‘Busa.

Thanks for the dyno graphs. I’m pleased with the work.

Excellent results from the seat of the pants. Improved throttle response and more linear delivery, drives out of corners under power very smoothly. No more popping and gurgling on downshifts either. Cruising on the way home the bike seemed to respond to 6th gear roll ons better than before (not sure why, perhaps improved midrange?). Would have been interesting to of seen a before and after graph.

BTW the graph said it had a Brooks full system. It’s actually a Brock Alien Head Ceramic coated full system if you’re interested! It also had a BMC air filter in it too.



Chris's Busa gets its ECU remapped..

Chris’s Busa gets its ECU remapped..