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2004 Suzuki SV1000 service

By 28th October 2011Road Bikes, Suzuki

This 2004 Suzuki SV1000 was in for a full service and to sort a problem with its clutch. We went through all the clearances on the engine, and found the two inlet butterflies were way out of synch; this is both a mechanical fix plus a slightly trickier adjustment of the air bypass screw.

The clutch certainly wasn’t working well, and first port of call to check was the aftermarket lever, as they sometimes don’t have the same leverage ratios as stock. It was ok, so next up we checked the slave cylinder, as the seals do go eventually and this bike was now seven years old. We swapped the seals, and while we were there did the master cylinder too – job jobbed! Clutch working as it should.

New seals for slave and master cylinder sorted this SV's clutch woes.