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1993 Suzuki GSX-R1100WP full service

By 22nd August 2011Rare Groove, Road Bikes, Suzuki

Another regular customer, with a very tidy GSX-R1100WP who simply said; “Do what you want with it Mark, you’ve carte blanche to make it right because I’m never going to change it, so sort it out…” It’s been stood awhile, and the fork seals have blown due to pitted fork stanchions, a common problem on these models. It’s a fiddly and expensive job to swap out the stanchions, so we tried cleaning ’em up and fitting new seals first, but the stanchions were too far gone so a new pair it had to be. Also, the SV1000 shock fitted was too long – a replacement from Hagon’s slotted in perfectly.

A full service followed; oil, filter and all the usual. It then went on the Dyno as at some point somebody – we think – had fitted a Factory carb kit, which hadn’t done it any favours. We replaced the air filter, which had unwisely been removed when the Factory kit was added, and rejetted the carbs to suit the engine and pipe, just like the old days before fuel injection changed our working lives.

A solid old bike, sorted and on the road…

"They don't make 'em like they used to..." etc etc. This old GSX-R will go on and on. And on...