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On the dyno this week, we have had this 2015 Suzuki DL1000 VStrom, after the customer had spotted that we can now ecu re-map this model now.

But there was a little more to this owners problems, than poor running as he explained firstly over the phone and then again when he dropped the bike off.

Apparently when he purchased the bike secondhand, he only had it a short while before he started to have issues with the fuelling, so he took it back to the shop, where they serviced it and fitted a Rapid Bike Evo, which incidentally, he ended footing the bill for.

Well then for a while no issues, then the bike started playing up again, even losing power at 70mph with no warning.

With this information, we first checked the fuel pump pressure, as quite often see a problem on Suzuki’s, and sure enough the pressure was down.

We fitted a new internal pump and a fuel pressure regulator, and low and behold up came the pressure so we were able to map the Rapid Bike Evo properly on the dyno and get the fuelling spot on and no need for the ecu re-map, we worked with what we had, which saved the customer having a huge bill again!


UPDATE: Feedback from the owner 01/02/2019:

“Positive feedback from the work you did last week. I’ve barely been able to test ride the bike at speed, due to the bad weather but the low RPM issue is fixed, so I am certain you have nailed it!”

Thank you, Robert.