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2004 Aprilia Tuono Power Commander PC III fitment

By 27th June 2011Aprilia, ECU Remap, Road Bikes

This 2004 Aprilia Tuono came in with an old serial port Power Commander PC II already fitted (the owner had got it from a friend), although it was actually from a Mille. Plugged into the Tuono the owner found that there was definitely some improvement even with the Mille map; but he decided to bring the bike in to get it optimized suit his engine.

And this is where the problem started – the small red cover that stops water getting in to the serial port connection had been left off a long time on the previous bike, which now made it impossible to get a connection to remap with. Unfortunately, the owner was left with a simple choice; live with the map he had, or replace the Power Commander. He thought about it, and decided that the benefits (of which there are plenty) of fitting a PC III far outweighed the set-up as it stood. So on the new unit went – and the extra fuel added off the bottom plus the PC III’s accelerator pump function transformed the power delivery.

If you inherit a Power Commander from somebody make sure it's been looked after; otherwise you're stuck with the map that's in there...