2004 Aprilia RSV1000SP Mille Power Commander PC III fitment

By 24th June 2011 Aprilia, ECU Remap, Road Bikes

These Aprilia RSV1000SP Milles  were known for poor fuelling and very snatchy low down power delivery as stock, and many factory remaps never really cured the problem. This one is no exception; it’s owned by one of our regular customers and while a power output of 127bhp seems meager by today’s standards it’s still plenty enough to have a ton of fun with, but the work that went in here was all about ironing out the ragged power curve and improving throttle control.

A Power Commander PC III is perfectly suited for this sort of job – you can fine tune the fuelling with the added benefit that the accelerator pump function allows fuel to be added very quickly as the throttle is cracked open, which really helps the Aprilia’s narrow-angle V-twin engine pick up smoothly.

A Power Commander PC III really helps bikes like the Mille's low down power delivery.