Back in 2019 we were asked by one of our customers, if we could anything to help with the fuelling on his Norton. On investigation we found that we could fit a BMW power commander 5 with little problem and map the bikes fuelling.

Now the throttle bodies on the Norton are joined, so it makes it impossible to map them separately, which is a stumbling block.

Saying that though, it is an improvement on what the bike ran like originally, anyway the owner of this Norton 961 completely stock (seen here in the picture) contacted us after seeing the article we posted back in Jan 2019.

We explained that yes we could fit a PC to his bike but it was thoroughly explained to him that was not a 100% cure and he was willing to give it a go.

Well as you can see the results are good (please excuse the blip in the dyno print, our dyno cable drops out occasionally) the owner was not really looking for more bhp but he did gain a little at the rear wheel.



Update feedback from owner:

Hi Gill,

I have just returned from a full day out on the Norton and must say that the work you have done has completely transformed the bike . Just to say  thanks very much .

Regards Keith