Triumph Tiger 800 on Dyno

By 26th January 2011 New Bikes, Triumph

The new model year bikes are filtering through the workshop now and a few weeks ago BIKE magazine bought the new Triumph Tiger 800 in for a quick Dyno run. It was the road-biased bike, not the XC, and the power and torque curve are quite something; linear, no lumps bumps or dips anywhere. And we mean anywhere. It’s tall geared too, which along with the flat delivery won’t make it a pant-wetter, but it will be efficient, very usable and economical.

Check the Dyno chart below or click the link and enjoy 28 seconds of its run via the official BSD camera, complete with jam-smeared lens, arthritic panning skills and Mark in his best overalls.

Flatter than Norfolk; check that torque curve. Impressive!