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Now as many of you already know, we have been ecu re-mapping the KTM range since 2010. Just recently we have now got the software that allows us to re-map some of the newer models.

This 2017 690R was booked in by it’s owner and left with us, so we could get to grips with the new information.

The bike had been fitted with a Akrapovic silencer with baffle and some aftermarket levers, why mention that I hear you ask???

Andy started to re-map the ecu but was experiencing all sorts of problems, the bike would not start, then we git it started but the programme would not let him complete the mapping, although he was in constant contact with the softeware writers, everyone was scratching their heads!

Then a light bulb moment, the clutch lever was not operating the clutch switch, so the ecu did not see the bike in gear, and the fly by wire system was being affected.

The software writers then added a recovery feature that actually pulled the clutch when the ignition was turned on, so this meant that Andy could continue to flash the ecu, and as you can see by the graph the bike has also gained some more bhp.