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A Kawasaki ZZR14 came in recently with a Power Commander onboard – which we fitted, plus Yoshi exhaust and K&N filter – plus instructions from the owner to remap the ECU and properly switch the lambda off (he was planning to sell the PC on eBay, more and more of our customers are making this change).

On a Kawasaki being able to deal with the lambda is massively important as it switches in and out through the gears, and tends to chime in and out especially when cruising on a constant throttle causing quite a bit of bad running once you’ve removed the stock exhaust pipe.

With the lambda safely despatched we could map the fuelling precisely in conjunction with the Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) and ignition tables. While we were in there we switched off the speed restrictor…

We rode it after the remap – what a monster of an engine, in a really nice motorcycle. The work we did here was really to address the poor running from the emissions equipment affected by an open pipe – the owner was complaining about a ‘hesitation’ with the PC fitted – and while a firmware update might sort the PC issues, post ECU remap there’s zero hesitation; just instant zap.

Over the last few years the line-up of ECUs we can remap has grown massively. If you see your bike here, and have question, drop us a line. And if you don’t get in touch anyway – it may well be in the pipeline!








All models.




ZX-10R – tuning this engine to an end-can or system is crucial for power. We can also remap the ZZR14, ZX-6R, 2006-08 ER6-N and GTR1400.


RC8 and 8 RC8R up to 2013, 990 Adventure, 990 SMT 990 Supermoto plus the 690 engine – all snatchiness removed and fluid throttle control added! New Adventure hopefully on the list soon.


All models – big improvements in power delivery.


In 2013  we gained the ability to remap Suzuki ECUs – especially B-Kings and Hayabusas – and switch off all the speed restrictions and limiters without affecting things like the gear position indicator.

We can also switch off the lambda sensors, secondary air injection and exhaust flap valves – all done and dealt with, and then we can map the fuelling and ignition tables. There can also be large restrictions in the secondary butterfly valves at certain rpm; put it another way we can take a completely stock B-King (with a can) from 160bhp to 180bhp, with torque that’ll rip your arms off just by taking out the restrictions and remapping the ECU…

We can also remap the GSX-R600, GSX-R750 and GSX-R1000, in fact pretty much any Suzuki including the ever popular SV650.


All models up to 2013 – removing emissions interference makes a big difference to all engines, twins or triples…