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The chap in the picture with the ZZR1400 is Nikolaos, and he lives in Crete. He’s been following our work on our website and got in touch to find out if we could remap his ECU by post. We emailed him back and explained we don’t really like doing it this way, as no two bikes are the same or run the same, and we like to have ’em here to set them up individually.

But as that’s not an option – and as we have remapped one of these with a similar Akro’ exhaust and owner’s requests – we can upload a map that’s going to be there or thereabouts. We did advise a trip to a local Dyno centre for a check though!

So we switched off all the restrictions and emissions controls as many owners tell us that sub-4,000rpm running is tricky in traffic. That’s all to do with the lambda switching on and off. We sorted his fuelling and ignition to match his exhaust and posted the ECU back.

He’s got things to do himself – mainly blank off the secondary air and disconnect the lambda (even though we’ve switched it off). Hopefully he’ll get in touch and let us know how he gets on. And then we’ll let you know. Good luck mate!

ECU remapped and popped back in the post to Crete...

ECU remapped and popped back in the post to Crete…