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This Kwak’ ZX-10R track bike had been through the hands of several people who, basically, had mauled it with mole grips. We started by going into the ECU and switching off everything not needed (the immobiliser etc) which meant we could then remove the ignition barrel and perform a remap.

We added a normal kill switch/starter button and tidied up the wiring loom (the regulator/rectifier had been tied on with a shoe lace…). The big piston front forks had been rebuilt because of leaking seals but they felt terrible; so we stripped ‘em down and rebuilt ‘em to our spec that we know works well as a base.

And as we are all well aware green engine hoses make for fast bikes, so we left those well alone!

Green ones are faster... it's a fact.

Green ones are faster… it’s a fact.