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We’ve ECU remapped loads of ZX-10Rs and as time has gone on there’s more and more we can do through the ECU that makes a difference to the bike – we can even ‘play’ with the traction control now.

So the owner of thissun spoke to Gill to book his remap after he’d taken it to his local Kawasaki dealer for its first service – she told him not to be daft and bring it to us, as we only use genuine parts so it won’t affect his warranty.

Now we did tell him that he’d got this one in a bit early, as normally we’d like at least a few thousand miles on the clock, preferably more. But as we do race bikes at this sort of mileage we could do his no problem. So we went right through it and switched all the restrictions off, configured the fuel/ignition maps so we could work on ‘em (they use a map for each cylinder, mainly for emissions) made some big changes to the secondary butterflies – as they’re quite restrictive stock – then sorted the fuelling.

As a brand new bike with a can on it made 187bhp at the rear wheel – with a few more miles on, and maybe a full system it’ll pump out something in the early 190s… that’ll do!

Aaron's ZX-10R serviced, ECU remapped and ready for the Summer...

Aaron’s ZX-10R serviced, ECU remapped and ready for the Summer…