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A lovely job! The owner of this ZX-10R came in during the winter to see if we could help him out; we’d done one of his mate’s bikes and he wanted a similar setup. Gill sourced a trick Arrow can (with carbon tip) and removable baffle for track day noise tests. We bolted it on, removing the stock exhaust stepper motor in the process.

We also removed the lambda sensor, switched off the SAI (Secondary Air Injection) and then set about the ECU remap process. To very good effect – this engine is mint, with 191bhp and more to come as it loosens up. It’s been well looked after and run-in, and will just get stronger. Nicely!

And even nicer Rick, the bike’s owner just dropped us a quick email. Cheers mate!

From: rick powell 

Sent: 24 March 2015 13:22



Hi Gill just seen the post of my bike and great write up thank you very much the bike is fantastic from the off so strong. The bike contains nuts ha ha, thank Mark and all the team @ BSD great job.

Kind regards, Rick Powell. 

191bhp at the rear wheel with more to come... ouch!

191bhp at the rear wheel with more to come… ouch!