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2011 ZX-10R BSB Superstock PC V Dyno set up

Fresh from testing in Spain is this brand new 2011 Mark Fisher-prepared Team Green/G&S Racing ZX-10R; it’s the bike Jonathan Howarth ( will be racing this year in BSB Superstock and arrived wearing a full Arrow exhaust system. We’ve fitted a Cordona PQ8 strain gauge (ignition cut) quickshifter and Power Commander PC V (which wasn’t available before the test). Next up for us was eliminating the lambda sensor, which we did with a BSD Performance LEQ kit – this is crucial because without this treatment the bike’s ECU will think the lambda is still in place, and will make wrong changes to its own fuelling map which will then feed through the PC V; the net result will not be pretty.

This bike (like many road bikes) had been ridden without any fuelling mods on an open exhaust; this is not good. Jonathan had reported really snatchy power delivery and this was due mainly to the extremely lean state the engine was running in – you could not leave any engine in this condition for long without risking detonation and valve damage. With corrected fuelling this ZX-10R is leaving our workshop with 193bhp at the back wheel (up 13bhp over stock, mainly due to the pipe) and a torque curve that now kicks off at 8,000rpm (rather than 9,000) and has grown a couple of lb-ft everywhere.

Both power and torque curves are incredibly flat and consistent (the torque curve stays at 80lb-ft from 8-13,000rpm!) which a racer will see the benefit of, although a change of riding style, more 600-like, might be required. The arguments about this type of litre-bike power delivery for a road rider will rage on, no doubt…

Overall, we’re very pleased with the result, and plan to have this bike back over the course of the season for fine-tuning and finessing. We’ll keep you posted with what we learn, and how Jonathan gets on, but whatever you do if you have a 2011 ZX-10R and plan to fit a full system or end-can don’t leave it at that; get a Power Commander and have the fuelling sorted.

Stripped and ready for the Dyno - one very tidy and nicely prepped BSB Superstock-spec ZX-10R.

Cordona quickshifters have proved the most reliable and consistent we've ever fitted.

Arrow full system gives excellent power gain, but bike runs really lean without PC V.

Bitubo adjusters work on spring preload (both legs), rebound and compression damping (alternate legs).

Dyno set up and Power Commander deliver spot-on fuelling and smooth power delivery.