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2011 Kawasaki Z1000SX on Dyno

By 20th January 2011Kawasaki, New Bikes, On the Dyno

Strapped on our Dyno a few weeks ago, bought to us by those nice chaps at BIKE magazine was the new Kawasaki Z1000SX; the jury seemed out on the way it looks as it’s basically a Z1000 with a slightly bulbous fairing and lowers attached… which is either totally useless on a streetfighter-type tool or completely necessary on any motorcycle, depending on your view/age etc.

Anyway, it made a healthy 126bhp at the rear wheel with a nice flat power curve, and a bouncing 77.5 lb-ft torque, just like a Z1000.

Kawasaki's new Z1000SX ready for its power run

For a stock bike, this is a polished power delivery...