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1992 Kawasaki ZZ-R1100

By 8th August 2012Kawasaki, Rare Groove

This is about the most original ZZ-R1100 we’ve ever seen! It’s a minter. It’s been stood, and the chap who’d bought it wheeled it out of his garage and was a bit concerned that the brakes weren’t up to scratch, so bought the bike in for us to give it a once-over. In fairness, the brake calipers on these ZZ-Rs were rubbish, and would (and will) happily seize up at the thought of a day of rain, never mind a Winter, but the ones on this bike were spot-on. It wheeled around freely and everything was working perfectly.

We had a look over the rest of the bike, and balanced the carbs. It’s hard comparing bikes like this (20 years old!) to the performance of modern machinery, but if you wanted an original, bog-stock example of an early ’90s hyperbike you’d be hard pushed to find a better example than this.

This ZZ-R's a minter, and completely unmarked after 20 years on the planet...