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Nice clean example of a low mileage VTR1000 but this can cause problems!

By 17th April 2013Honda



We were contacted by the owner who explained his bike had not been used for a while, just been stood in his garage with fuel in the tank (not a great idea with today’s unleaded petrol) and it did not seem to be running right.

First things first to get the carbs working correctly by adjusting the pilot and the needle jets, cleaning out residue from the old petrol and once the carbs were back in position, fuel tank on and a nice fresh 10 litres of juice.

But alas now the bike was running properly, there was a camchain rattle that was noticeable, now this bike has two and it is usually the front one that goes but it makes sense to change them both and the gaskets.

So with new oil filter, oil, a clean set of carbs, fresh fuel, two new camchain tensioners and an MOT, this 2001 Firestorm should give the owner a few more years yet of happy riding!