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Honda XL1000V Varadero suspension update plus Power Commander fit and setup

By 15th October 2012ECU Remap, Honda, Power Commander

This Honda Varadero is owned by one of our regular customers Clive, who’s being coming to us for many years from London. He had a BMW GS which was getting a little long in the tooth, so he went out and bought a Honda (he’s got a whole stable of ’em) big traillie as an all-round road bike.

These Varaderos are cheap and plentiful enough, and Clive seems to like his. The only problem as far as he was concerned was that the bike’s suspension felt a bit ‘saggy’. To sort this – and they came like this from new – we fitted a new set of of Hyperpro fork springs and rear shock, all of which he supplied. We then set up the static sag at the rear and re-oiled the forks (there’s no adjustment at all up front though); the new, progressive fork springs will help here.

While we were at it we also fitted and set up a secondhand Power Commander which Clive again supplied (and we’re very happy to do, it’s one of the bonuses of PCs). The bike has open cans on it and the midrange was short of fuel, which the PC sorted; the bike left with a stronger midrange power delivery and sharper throttle feel.

Newly sprung and Power Commander’d up – this ‘Dero’s ready tp go…!