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Honda CB1300 16,000 mile service

By 19th March 2012Honda, Road Bikes, Servicing

A 16,000 mile service – according to the official Honda schedule – doesn’t really comprise of much, basically valve clearances. But we take a slightly different view, and went through this CB1300 from stem to stern.

All the fluids were changed (brake fluid does lose its performance after a few years, and although slight is noticeable when fresh is used) and had all the levers completely off the bike for cleaning and greasing. All bushes and bearings were greased, and we also balanced the throttle bodies (this makes a big difference). Oh yeah, plus the valve clearances!

Basically, if done right a thorough service will make a bike feel just like it did when new. It can be time consuming, but in the long run (especially of you plan on keeping the bike long term) it’s worth it.

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