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2011 Honda CBR1000RR Bazzaz system map

By 8th June 2012ECU Remap, Honda

We’re mapping quite a lot of Bazzaz systems these days – it seems a lot of people can fit ‘em, but not many are actually experienced at setting ‘em up. It’s a good system and works well, so we’re happy to map them.

The generic maps they come with are limited, and it really is mostly a case of one size fits nobody. This bike’s owner had fitted the Bazzaz unit, and even though it wasn’t really far off realised he needed it optimised for his bike to get the best out of it. We worked through it, and took a load of fuel out as it was running way too rich on the generic map. As soon as we leaned it off the motor started to sing.

This one hadn’t got the traction control maps, but had the quickshifter system which is excellent as you can adjust the QS time delay in each gear. It left making 167bhp – not massively pokey – but with a much sweeter power delivery.

Bazzaz systems are good – but they do need setting up as the generic map is unlikely to suit your bike.