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2011 Honda CB1000F Power Commander PC V, K&N Filter and Scorpion end-can supply, fit and set-up

By 4th November 2011ECU Remap, Honda, Road Bikes

The 2011 CB1000FA is subtly different to the earlier model, as we found out when we went to fit the customer-supplied K&N filter to this one; instead of using a short, stubby item the new bike uses a much bigger filter. Dynojet didn’t have any maps for the 2011 bike, but that was less of an issue because all the mapping we do with a Power Commander is custom-built. We supplied and fitted a PC V plus Scorpion end-can, and once we’d sorted out the new filter we got to work.

The owner was really concerned with the slow running, low rpm performance of the engine. Firstly, as ever the lambda had to go, in this instance with an 02 Eliminator Kit. We then removed the secondary flap in the airbox (which is there purely to reduce intake noise) and eliminated the air injection system. At this point we rode the bike, and for what is effectively a heavily detuned CBR1000 engine it now felt very smooth and tractable.

Low speed running was this CB's problem – getting rid of the emissions and noise restrictions plus a PC V sorted the job!