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2006 Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade Power Commander PC V & 02 Eliminator set-up

By 9th December 2011ECU Remap, Honda, Road Bikes

The owner of this 2006 Honda CBR1000RR bought it in for mapping and set-up. It had been fitted with a Power Commander PC V (by his brother), but no 02 Sensor, which you really need. Luckily, we had one on the shelf.

First thing to do on a Blade like this is to disconnect the stupid airbox noise flap – so we swiftly disabled it. We then blocked off the secondary air system and disabled the lambda, because it was still in play and as it had a full exhaust system fitted there was no catalyzer to worry about.

The results, even if we do say so ourselves, were fantastic; admittedly it was so far out when it came in it could only get better with decent mapping and Dyno time. We took a lot of fuel out of it, because it was so rich and when it left us the ‘woolly’ feeling throttle had been replaced with a much crisper, sharper response. It went from making 158bhp to 167bhp at the rear wheel, which you’d definitely notice…

Woolly when it came in, crisp when it went out with an extra 9bhp on tap. Good job!