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Ducati S2 1000R Monster(s) full ECU remap and Dyno set-up

By 23rd March 2012Ducati, ECU Remap

A brace of Ducati S2 1000R Monsters bought up from London, by two competitive riding mates. Both were in for full ECU remapping and Dyno set-up, but were set up differently, one with Arrow cans and the other with Mivv.

As yet we’ve never seen a Mivv system make any gains or work well in any shape or form, but we set about both bikes equally and using the RexXer system sucked out the stock maps and got busy. First of all we switched off the lambdas, then switched up all the torque figures to maximum through the gears (essentially de-limiting). Both owners had cut their airbox tops off, but we got a smooth power delivery and throttle response off the bottom.

The bike with the Arrow system left our workshop with just under 94bhp at the rear wheel (which we were pleased with), the Mivv bike left with 88bhp – quite a difference. It also made our ears bleed, it was so noisy…

Apparently, the owner of the underperforming monster is a better rider than his mate… good job, really! As it happens one of the Monster owners got in touch a few days after having his bike back. He was kind enough to send us an email;

Dear BSD Team

I would like to thank you all for dealing with my Ducati Monster S2R 1000 (Arrows).  It has been a real pleasure right from the very beginning when I first enquired about the my needs in remapping the ECU and Dyno tuning the bike.  The booking was easy, was kept up to date all the way and everyone I spoke to was extremely helpful and informative. Now the bike, OMG what a difference, the acceleration is smooth, direct gives a great feel to the bike, even the tone of the bike on de-acceleration was soo smooth, We had a four and half hour ride home to London, no M roads and very few A roads for that matter, but I still can not stop smiling.  So a big thumbs up and thank you for getting my bike so lovely to ride. One very happy customer.

Thank you, Paolo.

Top tip if you want cans for your Monster – get Arrows!