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This 2013 Ducati Panigale 1199, was booked in by it’s owner to address the throttle control and poor slow speed fuelling. We are able to do this by plugging into the ecu, switching off all the emission controls and then mapping the fuel on our dyno.

Although the bike still had the standard exhaust fitted, it is still possible to make the modern bikes run better and give some riders their confidence back in fuel injected models.



From: Graham Muff Subject: Riding my remapped 1199 Panigale Message Body: Hello all at BSD, Now I have had time to get out and ride my 1199 Panigale that Andy modified and re-mapped at the beginning of January I wanted let you know my thoughts about it. I’m not on social media so this seems the best way. I am also happy for you to use this as a testimonial if you want. I have been on all my usual routes around North Norfolk, A roads and B roads, with traffic and with clear stretches, in and out of villages and I have to tell you your work on my bike is just outstanding! In all the situations that the Pani would hunt and jerk, it is now absolutely perfect. The throttle response is lovely and without any further modifications to the throttle free play (as mentioned by Andy during his extremely thorough talk through of the work and mapping he had done for me), it is so much better to ride. It still pulls like an absolute train and all of the hesitation on small throttle opening is completely gone. All of the things I loved about the bike are still there and enhanced, with the mapping issues that were there from the factory, completely cured. An absolute 1st class job and for me now, you will be the only people to work on my Ducati. Many thanks and all the best Graham Muff