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Ducati Multistrada 1200S full ECU remap

By 15th August 2013Ducati, ECU Remap

Truth be told, we’ve been avoiding remapping the Ducati Multistrada for some time, even though there’s great demand for a non-Ducati solution to its woes. The Rexxer driver used to access the mapping, we felt wasn’t quite up to scratch because it didn’t give us the scope we need to do the job properly.

Anyway, it’s been updated and we had a customer bring his Multistrada in (which itself was up to date with its Ducati service history) on the understanding that he’d be the guinea pig. We know the Rexxer system very well so that wasn’t the issue but it was more of a case of sussing out the intricacies and quirks of the Ducati. We rode the bike as it arrived – it was horrible. You couldn’t ride it in traffic as the throttle was so on/off, not snatchy though, the engine just kept disappearing as the lambda chimed in and out.

We started by uploading a generic Multistrada map from Rexxer and rode it to see what changes would be evident. It was better, but not cured. Using that map as a base – and with all emissions equipment disabled – we started adjustments, adding fuel in areas where it was very short. We didn’t touch the ignition maps as they didn’t need it. As the throttle bodies are linked electronically – not mechanically – there is a potential issue with difference in potentiometers down the line for fine TPS adjustment.

It had been unrideable in Touring mode – the only one that felt ok was Sport. After the remap Touring had become what it should be; nice and easy to use. Sport was sharper on the throttle and more aggressive, as it should be.

We’ve several more Multistradas booked in and we’ll see what we learn – if we come up with a much better map over time we’ll recall this one and update its map.

A disappearing engine made this Multi' a nightmare to ride in traffic – an ECU remap has sorted it. At last!

A disappearing engine made this Multistrada a nightmare to ride in traffic – an ECU remap has sorted it. At last!