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Ducati 848 EVO Challenge bike

By 4th February 2011Ducati, Race Bikes

In for pre-season set-up was this brand, spanking new Ducati 848 EVO. It’s running in the 2011 848 Challenge race series held at BSB rounds and as it’s a one make series the rules of what you can or can’t do are strict; only a Power Commander PC V and end-cans are allowed. Standard 848s are allowed to run full systems to make them competitive with the EVOs.

The customer fitted both the cans and PC V, but our first job was to check the cam timing as Ducatis are notorious for leaving the factory with widely varying settings. We stripped off the rocker covers and, true to form, the exhaust cam timing for both cylinders needed adjustment.

On the Dyno the PC V was dialed in, with separate maps for front and rear cylinders. Because the bike’s got its own lambda sensor – which has to stay in place – the actual performance is compromised somewhat, but it has gained 6/7bhp through the midrange and a couple up top. With a full system and Dyno work you’d easily achieve over 137bhp at the back wheel.

Ducati 848 EVO – brand new and in for prep for a year's racing

The exhaust cams needed re-timing before we did anything else...