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The owner of this Ducati 848 came from Birmingham to see us. He’d made his own exhaust cans – by gutting the standard items and putting his own internals in – which is a good idea because the stock cans are a nice design from the exterior.

Anyway he’d done a good job but the internal dimensions of his pipework were way too big (3 inch!) which was not going to get a good gasflow. We had a chat about it all and recommended he tried a maximum 60mm.

So we re-mapped the bike as it stood (because of the exhaust it needed an awful lot of fuel adding), took it out for a test ride and blimey, lovely. What a great package, and much nicer to ride than the bigger ones. While the bike was here we also changed the belts.

Its owner Matt was kind enough to fire us over an email after he’d got home:

Hi Gill/Mark, wanted to drop a line to say many thanks for looking after me & the bike today.. Great coffee & conversation… As for the bike it’s such a massive improvement with the custom map… She honestly feels like a new bike. Peace of mind knowing the belts are sorted too… All in really pleased & you’ll be seeing me from now on for any work that needs done.

Cheers, Matt

What a lovely bike – sometimes less is more!

What a lovely bike – sometimes less is more!