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Ducati 749S service and running issues

By 19th August 2011Ducati, Road Bikes, Workshop Tips

This Ducati 749S is owned by a customer who’s been coming to us for several years. It’s been parked up for a while but he dragged it out wanting to use it but found it was suffering with a load of running problems – holding back, misfiring, general lack of power etc.

And it’s the same old thing which we see a lot of at the moment; the fuel pump, fuel filter and everything connected was clogged up with the gunky remains of what was unleaded. The bike was in for a normal service, which we did first, but then we had to strip out the fuel pump, clean it and change the fuel filter, but with only partial success. With a pressure gauge attached the fuel pump was found to be lacking – just plain knackered, so we sourced a replacement and slotted it in. Bingo! The bike’s now running better than ever.

There’s only one thing  to takeway from this tale. Use Silkolene Pro FST in your tank when you park your bike up for any length of time – it’ll save a whole host of problems in the long run…

Cleaning the fuel pump an filter helped this 749's poor running – replacing the fuel filter made it perfect...