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This is one of Moto46’s bikes, a race 2003 Ducati 749 running a full exhaust system developed from scratch. They weren’t looking for power but were looking for improvements in the power delivery as the exhaust had left big holes everywhere. Working with the stock ECU we initially filled the holes with fuel, then add some ignition in areas to liven the engine up but more importantly, with our remapping system, we can add fuel precisely to the accelerator pump. This area of mapability is called ‘rate of gain through positive acceleration’ which goes hand in hand with ‘rate of gain through negative acceleration’. Essentially we’re adding fuel at break points through the rev-range; where you want a lot more fuel (when you give it a big handful from a low rpm/throttle position) obviously, but the opposite is the case at the top end, where it doesn’t need so much so we trim the fuel at each throttle break point to suit.

Remapping ECUs can, and does give engines more obvious power; but sometimes the improved power delivery and driveability is much more noticeable and, if we’re honest, a lot more useful.

Remapping the stock ECU can be about power delivery, not just power...