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Ducati 748 suspension strip and service

By 20th May 2011Ducati, Road Bikes

A 2001 Ducati 748, one of the last of ‘em. It was in for a couple of specific things; the belts, of course because the wise owner was paying heed to the two year rule and having new ones put on, and also a complete suspension service. Everybody tends to ignore their suspension but it makes a major difference, especially on older bikes – in this case the rear shock was stripped, fitted with new seals and re-gassed and re-oiled. Always forgotten are the linkage arms, which are full of bearings and generally don’t have grease nipples; ignore them and they’ll stiffen up and eventually seize. The forks too were completely disassembled, serviced and put back together with fresh oil. The result of the work is a bike that feels, and rides, like brand new.

Turn back the clock 10 years with a full suspension strip and service.