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This bike came to us from the Ducati Owners Club secretary and was a straightforward job to ECU remap. We see a lot of these Multistradas, and his bike did feel terrible… we rode it before we started and noticed the throttle rails were sticky, plus it needed the throttle cables changing – a bargain at £26 the pair! This is not a BMW, it’s a Ducati, and the extended service intervals quoted for these things is a bit misleading.

Now another important detail to note; there’s the early model, with a single spark plug and the later with two. On the single spark model there were an awful lot of recalls and updates by the factory and it’s worth – before an ECU remap – to make sure all is up to date.

The owner’s been back in after the remap and has fallen back in love with his bike – it’s what he always wanted it to be after we’d sorted out his throttle rails, cables and fuelling. The later bikes, we find, need attention to fuelling and throttle maps.

Early bikes need checking that all recall and update work has been done by Ducati…