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This Ducati Multistrada came in for an exhaust change followed by ECU remap. Its owner is a regular customer who’s been coming to us for years and his words were; “Can you just liven it up a bit, get the best out of it maybe…?”

He’d bought a sorted full exhaust system (Leo Vince tubes and Termi’ cans) and before we plugged into the ECU we added a neat airbox mod. Then we did the remap – and immediately got the jitters because it didn’t respond as normal (and we have done enough of these now to know where we should be at any time). But it simply wasn’t performing.

So we stopped, and had a think. This has happened once before and being friendly with Italia Moto, a local Ducati dealer helped because a phone call revealed that there’d been a recall (something to do with the throttle/linkage) and this bike may have been affected. On the bike which had the problem previously the throttle bodies had been replaced completely, as the problem mapping was caused by a sticking butterfly, leading to jerky opening and hesitant bottom end power delivery.

Which is just how this one felt. So the owner’s taken it to Italia Moto for the manufacturer recall, but also for a thorough check of the throttle bodies because it would seem brass shavings were the culprit before… a bit of a worry with a ‘fly-by-wire’ throttle!

Throttle body woes (we think) stopped this Multistrada's ECU remap. It'll be back...

Throttle body woes (we think) stopped this Multistrada’s ECU remap. It’ll be back…