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The owner of this 1198 phoned up and said “right, I’d like you guys to fit all this track day gear – secondhand fairing, race ECU and full system, quick shifter etc – for summer track days, and then put it back in road trim at the end.”

Which is a great job for us, as he wasn’t in a rush we could fit it in around everything else. So we went through the card, and at the end gave the ECU a remap to match his new exhaust system. And we were pleased – the engine made 170bhp.

We did set his suspension’s static sag while we were there, but to be fair these bikes are quite near the mark as they come and in truth it’s better done after a few laps. Of course, there are improvements to be made because as stock they’re set up as a two-up road bike, but real fine tuning needs doing with the laps.

Prepped and ready to hoop, with track-ready bits and 170bhp. Sweet!

Prepped and ready to hoon, with track-ready bits and 170bhp. Sweet!