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Ducati 1198 ECU remap

By 17th August 2012Ducati, ECU Remap

This Duke 1198 was ridden here for an ECU remap in typical summer weather – it was slinging it down! The owner had fitted Ducati Performance Termignoni open cans, but felt that the bike wasn’t running as well as it did with the original cans and map. The bike was also wearing the DP race ECU, that came with the cans, but in all honesty the map loaded in was nowhere near compatible with this particular engine. It was all over the shop…

The lambda is switched off in the DP ECU, but it’s then a lucky dip whether the fuelling table supplied in the ECU will work with your engine. It’s a generic map that will work well with the engine it was developed on – and maybe one in ten – but most likely not most. Remember, in any one model year you may get three updates to the ECU; how do you know what you’re plugging into? If you’ve got an early bike, and a later DP ECU, it’s a mess. And turning the lambda off makes any problems more pronounced, and it’s vital that TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) is reset.

The customer who owned this bike was also complaining about a snatchy throttle off the bottom – which is an 1198 trait – so after plugging into the ECU we dialled that out by taking some ignition out of the bottom end, making the power delivery much smoother. It also had a huge hole at 4,000rpm, with way too much fuel, so we sorted that too. The owner rode it while here and went away happy. The moral of the story? Generic ECUs, of whatever persuasion, are usually a one size fits nobody solution.

You may fit Ducati Performance Termi cans plus the ECU that came with 'em, but they may not work...