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Ducati 1100S Monster Ducati Performance cams fit and ECU remap

By 25th September 2012Ducati, ECU Remap

We started this job by stripping the bike out and fitting the Ducati Performance camshafts, then the air filter and new belts. The owner had lots of expectations but we rode it on the Dyno after the work to find out where the best power was, as the cams had robbed the bottom-end and mid-range in favour of the top (there is definitely no such thing as a free lunch).

Remapping the ECU’s fuelling and ignition tables became a game of trade-offs; trying to maintain the power gain up top without too much loss in the middle. We ended up taking ignition out of the bottom, and gave it more up top where the cams were working best. These engines generally run a little lazy up top – 28-30 degrees advance – so a little extra ignition helped the power – in the end it left with 95bhp at the rear wheel. The owner wanted the rev-limit raising (which we can do) but our advice was to change the gearing to start with. He’s emailed, and is a happy man. This overall was a time consuming, but good, job and thoroughly enjoyable.

Fully spruced with DP cams and air filter, plus an ECU remap, the Monster's a bit more... Monsterish.