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Ducati 1100 Evo Monster Cordona PQ8 Quickshift fit

By 20th July 2012Ducati, Quickshifter

We have periods in the workshop where every job’s plain sailing, and whistles through without even a flutter. And then we have times when every job seems to present, shall we say, unique problems…

Some of it’s our fault; because we can (and do) we tend to not get the simple jobs. Anyway, enough carping. This Ducati Monster had been bought in previously by its owner – Cordona don’t make a loom specifically for that bike to fit a quickshifter, so we had to make some connections to cut into the engine’s coils. But we didn’t want to destroy the loom in the process, so made it plug ‘n’ play so if it needed to come off the bike in the future it’d be easy, plus putting back to stock would be simple too.

The customer who owns the bike has since phoned – he’s over the moon with the Cordona, and very happy with what we’ve done for him. That’ll do us!

Cordona don't make a loom for this Monster – luckily, we can!