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2010 Ducati Monster 1100S Siemens ECU remap

By 8th June 2011Ducati, ECU Remap, Road Bikes

A 2010 Ducati Monster 1100S passed through the workshop recently, suffering a fairly common complaint; the supplying dealer had fitted Termi’ cans and re-flashed the Siemens ECU with a generic map. The new map the dealer downloaded did improve the midrange, but from an actual riding perspective the bike was a disaster – really snatchy at low rpm and small throttle openings, and getting through traffic was hard work.

First up we sucked out the map (note, with Siemens ECUs, unlike Marelli and most others, this cannot be saved). Next a new base map was downloaded to the ECU and then the editing started on the Dyno; first the lambda sensors were switched off, and then fuel was added and trimmed to the bottom end. The engine is now running as sweet and smooth as a nut, and while the bike was here the owner also got us to service it, as there were nuts and bolts missing from the last ‘service’.

We’ll make the point again, generic maps tend to be a ‘one size fits nobody’ solution, and a custom map will work for your bike so much better – because it was designed for your bike.

A generic map reflashed into the Siemens ECU gave this Monster 1100 midrange but made it almost unrideable off the bottom. It needed its own map tailored to the pipes and engine.