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2003 Ducati 999 Biposto belt change

By 23rd May 2011Ducati, Workshop Tips

An ’03 Ducati 999 Biposto in for a belt service; Ducati recommend 12,000 miles which is fine if you’re doing that mileage on the bike regularly. The ‘or’ two years, however is crucial to observe – many people don’t do the miles and the bike sits in its cozy garage with the belts stuck in one position, curled around the pulleys, perishing. 14-15,000 miles is no real problem between belt changes if the bike’s used regularly. Ignore your belts at your peril – one of our customers, riding his bike here – arrived with his 916 running on one cylinder; a belt had snapped, a valve had hit the piston but he thought it was just “running a bit rough…!” Ouch.

Change your Ducati's belts every two years without fail, or prepare for the sound of valves hitting pistons...