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2002 Ducati 996 new belts and full service

By 10th January 2014Ducati, Workshop Tips

We serviced this bike a few years ago, and it’s lovely. We hadn’t seen it for a while (3 years as it turned out) and the owner who comes from Thetford way was worried about the state of his belts as it had been stood. Now you could get away with 3 years if the bike is used regularly but if not… don’t even think about it, as they go hard and horrible, and break.

Se we slotted in new ones and went through the rest of the bike with a fine toothcomb. We had the fuel pump out and changed the filter in the tank (very important with today’s rubbish fuel) and went through the brakes and everything that mattered. Sorted!

If your Ducati's been stood for a while bewared the belts – don't trust 'em, change 'em...

If your Ducati’s been stood for a while bewared the belts – don’t trust ’em, change ’em…