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BSD Ducati 1098 race bike rebuild part 2: NRG clutch

BSD’s Ducati 1098 race bike project is progressing… slowly. The engine’s back in the frame and we’ve fitted an NRG slipper clutch; we’re impressed with the build quality of it. The Ducati Corse items can be fragile; we’ve had problems in the past with springs breaking and the ramps’ Teflon coating (because the clutch is dry) wear quickly and cause all sorts of horrible sticking issues. The NRG clutch uses ball bearings that give no such worries, and under hard acceleration it tightens up too, so absolutely no chance of any slippage.

With a retail price of around £550 plus VAT the NRG clutch looks a good buy at the moment – we’ll find out how it works in anger and over time, in time!

The engine's back in the frame and the BSD 1098 will be ready for a racing season, we're not saying which year though...

The NRG slipper clutch – so far, we're impressed with the build quality.