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BMW S1000RR ECU remap

By 17th September 2012BMW, ECU Remap

We saw this BMW S1000RR for an ECU remap when it was only 600 miles old. We explained to the owner that we would much rather map it when the engine was fully loosened up, as its fuelling needs would change. Anyway, he came back with 2,500 miles up and we had another look on the Dyno. We still couldn’t get any more horsepower out of it, and we’re wondering if it’s still tight.

Now the S1000RR has been baffling us a bit recently; there is a deal of difference between the heavy or light crankshaft engines, and now these 2012 versions seem very variable in their power outputs. An early one, if it’s been hammered and has an open pipe, is the horsepower king; it goes like stink. The heavy crank engine is supposed to have smoother throttle response and give better traction, but has lost outright horsepower.

More miles haven't really helped this '12 engine; early S1000RRs are the fast ones.