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BMW R1100S Power Commander PC III set-up

By 14th September 2011BMW, ECU Remap, Road Bikes

This Café Race-style BMW R1100S is owned by one of our customers who over time is transforming it into something a bit different, which we applaud him for. He’d fitted himself a BMW-specific wide band Power Commander PC III with built-in Lambda, which constantly updates the fuelling as it goes.

On the Dyno, early on we had a few issues with initial set-up because he’d changed the fuel pressure regulators from the stock R items to K-issue spec, which run different fuel pressures. We got it all sorted and got a good result; but this bike will probably be back eventually for fitment and set-up of a later model Power Commander.

We have found that the Boxer engines really benefit from the ability to map each cylinder individually, which the newer Power Commanders for bikes such as the R1200GS enable you to do. The accelerator pump facility on the later PC III and PC V really helps a less-powerful engine like the flat twin when you give it a big handful of throttle; the standard bike will ‘pink’ and ‘knock’. The 1200GS has knock sensors that back the ignition down to deal with it; if it doesn’t ‘see’ the knock – with the extra fuel that the accelerator pump provides – it doesn’t alter the ignition.

A nice project coming together over time – this BMW R1100S is just that.