The K1300R is one of those stealthy bikes that avoids the limelight – but it’s quick. It may not be cool or trendy but it is a good bike, and we’ve ECU remapped plenty of ‘em. There isn’t a lot of aftermarket kit available for the K13, and we’ve only ever seen Akrapovic cans fitted, probably BMW supplied.

They’re quite a tricky bike to remap because there are some physical changes that need to be made first, depending on how the bike arrives. With a solid fuelling map dialled in they punt out over 170bhp, with plenty of torque and it turns into the sort of bike you can stick in top gear and leave it.

One tiny problem for us is the road test we do after every remap – it’s very easy to go much faster than planned, without realising!

A rare groove out on the roads, but a shrewd – and rapid – choice of motorcycle.