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2010 BMW S1000RR ECU remap

By 2nd December 2011BMW, ECU Remap, Road Bikes

A BMW S1000RR, fitted with a full Leo Vince exhaust system, bought in for an ECU remap by its owner for various reasons; apparently there are warranty issues with dealer downloads and the Power Commander route covers up some of the cracks without fully sorting all of the issues.

With the full system onboard the lambda sensors were obviously missing, but still switched on at the ECU, so the first thing we did was switch them off. Next up was the fuelling – it was rich at the top end, and the mid-range was very lean, so obviously fuel came out at high rpm and went in at mid rpm.

Because this is a road bike (although the owner is talking about doing the TT next year…) we’ve been fairly conservative with the Beemer, and may well have it back for further trimming, especially if he does decide to race it. One important point that’s unique to the S1000RR is the resetting of the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), which must happen with each upload of a new map – fail to reset TPS and the bike will not run well.

It made 192bhp at the back wheel when it left our workshop, with an extra 5-7bhp on the power curve everywhere – if we’re honest, similar numbers to what a well set-up Power Commander PC V would give. The real difference here is pick-up and on/off throttle response; it’s crisper through the middle, yet much smoother and more useable off the bottom.

The S1000RR maybe the most powerful litrebike out there, but it still benefits from an ECU remap...